peachtree doors

Do you have a Peachtree door that doesn’t work properly or has stopped working altogether?  Before you consider replacing your doors, we can help!  We’d be happy to help you save potentially thousands of dollars. 

Peachtree Doors & Windows, Inc., manufacturer of aluminum and vinyl clad windows and doors was founded in 1959, headquartered in Wisconsin with another plant in Gainesville, GA.  The business closed about 2008 and their customers were left with a lifetime warranty, which became null and void.

The main security feature to the Peachtree door is the multipoint lock mechanism (Hoppe and Citidel were utilized by the Peachtree Inc.). Our knowledge and expertise of these locks have brought us far and wide to help our clients.  Please be aware as many contractors/techs claim to be competent in the repair of the Peachtree door, however, our experience has shown just the opposite as we have had to ‘fix’ their work. We utilize a factory licensed source for Peachtree product replacement parts and are proud to be FACTORY RECOMMENDED in the repair and replacement of the multipoint lock hardware.  Trust your certified, bonded and insured team – we are ready to serve you. 

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